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Membership FAQs 

1. Who is authorized to use DSA Facilities?

Only members in good standing, guests accompanied by DSA members and/or those invited to special events accompanied by DSA members.

2. Who has the authority to carry out the rules and regulations and to enforce penalties?

Any DSA Range Officer or member of the Board of Directors (BOD may, at their discretion, ask a person or persons to leave the DSA premises for any reason deemed unsafe or inappropriate.   Actions and methods for discipline and/or ejection may involve Law Enforcement and/or other lawful remedies.

3. What can a club member use the DSA facilities for?

DSA facilities are used primarily for shooting sports and related shooting activities and will be used to enhance and to promote shooting sports and other activities associated with shooting sports. Non-Shooting activities may be allowed under special circumstances. 

4. What type of ammunition and firearms are prohibited ?
The following types of ammo are prohibited: tracer; incendiary; explosive and armor piercing. In addition, shotguns are are not allowed.

5. What type of targets will be prohibited?
Tannerite or any other type of exploding, reactive or moving target.

Cans, bottles and/or plastic containers or any targets that will leave debris on the range.


6. What are the normal hours of operation?
The range is open all the time (dawn to dusk) except on Friday late afternoon and evening (when the bar is open).  Please be considerate that the range is close to some residents. Shooting early in the morning or late at night is discouraged. 

7. Can I invite a friend to the range?
Yes,  Membership includes the right to bring one guest with you to the range to shoot.  Please encourage your guest to becoming a member.  

Does DSA have employees or a club manager to help maintain the facility?
No. Everyone at DSA is a volunteer. Please be considerate when you leave the facility by picking up and leaving the range in better shape than it was when you arrived.